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1 player. 4 games. 914 quadrillion points.

Solly Tiles
Quadrillion-point Mahjong solitaire
Solly Tiles transforms single-player Mahjong from an all-or-nothing exercise in clearing the board into an opportunity to achieve over 914 quadrillion points ... even with tiles remaining.

How does it work? Simple arithmetic!

Solly game pieces wear mathematical suits: Adds ("+"), Subs ("–"), Muls ("x"), and Divs ("/"). These suits affect your score: remove a "3 of Adds" to increase your score by 3; likewise, "X of Muls" magnifies your score ten-fold; clear the "6 of Subs" to reduce your score by a half dozen; try to avoid the Divs —or eliminate them early— or you could wind-up back at the worst possible score, zero.

Solly Tiles also offers bonuses for removing special pieces ("Aces" and "Stripes"); and, in the rare event that you do clear the gameboard, Solly sandwiches your score between a pair of "9"s (so that even a poor showing of "0" becomes "909"), just because.

Solly Poker
Try your hand at 223K points!
The idea is simple: You get three chances (one deal & two redeals) to build the highest-scoring five-card hand.

In Solly Poker, a hand's score comes from applying the cards' arithmetic operations, one by one, to a starting value of zero.

Play your cards right, and you could earn up to 223,080 points!

(Play them wrong, & you could lose just as many.)

Coming soon: Solly Pegs & Solly Disks !