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Privacy Policy for the ABCipher App
To view this policy in-app, tap the button and view the Contact panel.

You can't abuse data
if you don't collect data!

We don't "phone home".
This app never autonomously sends any information back to us ... or anyone else! The app never even accesses the network.

As for analytics: We don't trust third-party services, and we have better things to do than write our own. We rely solely on direct customer feedback to know how our apps perform.
We don't access other parts of the system.
Even when this app facilitates sending an email or visiting a website, it hands those tasks over to iOS services that prevent the app from accessing your contacts and bookmarks and such.
We don't sneak information past you.
Pre-populated email messages and web URLs use no custom headers, referral tags, invisible images, or other tricks to embed hidden information for tracking or other purposes. (Those emails are ugly, plain text for a reason!)
We don't keep information you provide.
Should you email us, we will keep your contact information long enough to acknowledge your comments and/or discuss your concerns. After that, your message and information will be purged within three days. (If you send a follow-up message later, please remind us of what we were discussing.)

The Tricochet website ( and related domains make no use of cookies, analytics/tracking scripts, social media widgets, etc. Our web host (DreamHost) automatically deletes web server logs after 72 hours.
However ...
With your express permission (typically granted or denied during device setup), iOS itself may occasionally send us limited aggregated and/or anonymized diagnostic data and usage statistics. This is beyond our control, but not beyond yours: To opt-out (or -in), and/or to view Apple's associated privacy policy, go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics.
Tricochet and the triple-ricochet design are trademarks of BDS McConnell.
iOS is a trademark of Apple, Inc.